Your Guide To Long-Distance Parenting

One of the worst parts of a divorce is having to separate from your child, even if it is for a temporary time. Your child is the most important person in your life, and you do not want to stay away from them for even a day, let alone for weeks or months. Long-distance parenting can be hard, but it is one price to pay when you choose to get out of a bad marriage. 

Adults are mature enough to handle some of the emotional trials, but children do not adapt that easily. To ensure the parenting-child long-distance relationship works just fine, parents must focus on everyone’s emotional needs. Hire a Columbus divorce attorney today to prepare for your custody battles. 

Tips for long-distance parenting 

  1. It needs to be a team plan.

Long-distance parenting or any other kind of parenting cannot happen without the teamwork of both parents. Children need the emotional support of both their mom and dad to grow up as happy and healthy children. The custodial parent should make sure that their child communicates with their co-parent every day and is allowed to talk to them whenever they want to. It is important that they do not discourage them from contacting their other parent. 

  2. Become emotionally available. 

Emotional availability can sometimes be more important and effective than physical availability. You can provide physical affection only by being close to your child, but emotional affection can also be given from a distance. A big change like a divorce or moving to another house can leave a child feeling emotionally drained. You want to talk to them about their feelings, validate them and make your child feel heard. 

  3. Education. 

When you get divorced and live separately from your ex, handling school schedules can become hectic. The mere act of getting them to school and picking them up can seem impossible between two homes. Moreover, each parent may have a job and must commute through a different route. 

Additionally, actual learning can be difficult. Your kids need to study whatever they learn after they come home from school. When they are stressed out and tired from going from one place to another, it can be difficult to focus on their academics. 

Long-distance parenting can indeed be hard, but not impossible. It is usually recommended to speak to a divorce attorney so that they can handle the legalities while you focus on your parenting.