What is Satoshi? Learn about the origin of the world\’s most famous name

It was October 2008. Few witnessed the appearance of a whitepaper written by Satoshi Nakamoto. In that document he presented his idea, which he called Bitcoin (BTC). At that time the question arose: What is a Satoshi? Although the name was taken from its creator, a Satoshi is the smallest part of a BTC. To make it simpler to explain, the equivalent in FIAT currency would be the cent. Although a Satoshi has many more zeros to the right. When someone asks “What is Satoshi?”, it is usually because they have just become interested in the world of cryptocurrencies.  In this world it is very common for the term Bitcoin to stand out. We could say that this cryptocurrency is the father of all cryptocurrencies today.

Cryptocurrencies will replace banks

When Nakamoto designed Bitcoin, his goal was clear: to eliminate banks and other financial institutions as intermediaries. He said that people should have the freedom to move their money. When asked “What is Satoshi?”, we could say that it is the technology that has freed economies worldwide. In fact, in the past it was complicated, expensive and time-consuming to move money from one country to another. And banks often ended up blocking the transfer for whatever reason. BTC makes transfers possible in real time and without the risk of blocking or refunds. Zero scams. The next time someone asks you “What is Satoshi?”, answer that it is the best thing that has ever happened to mankind in economic terms. At first people were reluctant to adapt, but today it is inevitable.

What else can you ask yourself besides “What is Satoshi”?

Now that you know that Satoshi is related to the creator of Bitcoin and the smaller part of it, it’s time to investigate further. A good idea is to open an account on an Exchange. We have already answered your question “What is Satoshi? Now we recommend that you start using BTC. After a simple verification process, the Exchange will give you a BTC wallet address. There you can ask for any payment to be transferred to you. These payments are 100% secure because once they are verified in your wallet, there is no way for them to be returned. What is Satoshi? It is the technology that will prevent you from being scammed. No more payments being returned by fraudulent customers. You just have to pay attention to basic security measures. The Exchange can give you information about this.