Top 5 App Development Companies in the World – Selected by The Vietnam Software Industry Insights

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vietnam Software Development Industry Insights has been supportive for more than 800 startups and enterprises about identifying the right software development outsourcing companies in the world .

With the nature of the app development process, it is possible to find top companies scattered across the world from the US, Europe and Asia. In most cases, app development companies have offices in multiple locations. For instance, a company may open their development and design arm in India or Vietnam and set up their headquarters to focus on sales and marketing in Europe or the US. This helps them to deliver solutions to clients from various parts of the globe.

But, even with the high number of companies that claim to offer app development services, finding the right partner is quite a challenge. This article rounds up five of the top app development companies in the world, certified by Techtimes, Tech Reviewer, The Vietnam Software Association, Clutch, Web Alive, and Goodfirms. The list includes companies with offices and branches in multiple regions. It also consists of firms with diversified portfolios and proven track record.

1. TechTIQ Solutions

TechTIQ Solutions is one of the leading app development companies in the world today. The company focuses on delivering cost-effective IT solutions that bring sustainable business growth. These digital solutions allow businesses to engage better with customers in this era. The app development firm aims at helping businesses focus on their core competencies. This is by providing the necessary details on digital transformation to enable business to walk through the journey.

TechTIQ Solutions is able to effectively manage and deliver properly executed solutions that bring out better customer satisfaction.

Despite being one of the youngest app development companies in the world, TechTIQ Solutions has managed to beat many firms. This is mainly due to their strong heritage of reliable and passionate software developers, IoT engineers and business analysts. The company has delivered more than 0.5 million of hours’ effort in app development projects to satisfied customers. Their customers come from a wide range of industries including logistics, media, banking, healthcare, transportation and many others.

With a team of experts skilled in different software development stacks and IoT protocols. This includes RoR, Angular, and ASP.NET, ReactJS, NodeJS, Java, PHP, Android, iOS and React Native app development. TechTIQ Solutions are experts in Agile methodology, which has enabled them to deliver international projects.

2. Saigon Technology

Since its establishment in 2012, Saigon has emerged as one of the top app development companies in Vietnam. The company provides various development and software outsourcing options. With over 100 talented software engineers, the company has successfully delivered digital solutions to many local and international brands. These include, Abbott, Stone Forest, Standard Chartered, Topicus, Panasonic and RSM Singapore.

The team comprises highly skilled experts with knowledge on the latest technologies and solutions. Thus, the company has the capacity to deliver high-quality and powerful software products. The software outsourcing and app development company focuses on a wide range of technologies. These include NodeJS, ReactJS, PHP, NET Core, Azure, AWS, AI, app development, Angular and Microservices. Some of the software development services that it offers include custom web development, SaaS solutions development, custom mobile app development and enterprise solutions development.

3. ODS Group

The ODS Group mainly specializes in delivering digital solutions that help improve software systems. These solutions allow your business to get back to full running. Besides, the IT solutions help enhance business workflow through growing sales and increased conversions.

The company also carries out outbound sales activities to help your business identify and attract new clients. This allows business owners more time to improve their operational experience. Some of their services include app development, software outsourcing services, server administration, database developers.

4. Intellectsoft

Intellectsoft is another top app development company that delivers IT solutions in software development and digital transformation consultancy. It offers cutting edge IT solutions to both local and international businesses. The company has delivered solutions to over 500 enterprise clients and companies facing complex issues with digital transformation.

Founded in 2007, the company has been a reliable and visionary software development partner for a number of world-class brands. Some of its popular customers include NHS, Universal, Guinness, Land Rover, Audi, Nestle, Jaguar and many others. The company majors on a number of services, including mobile app development, enterprise software development, dedicated development team, QA and testing, UI/UX design and IT consulting.

5. ScienceSoft Professional Software Development

Since its inception in 1989, the software engineering company has been a reliable partner to many businesses. It focuses on delivering adaptable and powerful digital solutions that suit your business needs.

Thus, the company develops scalable and reliable software solutions that are compatible with any device, OS and browser. With over 30 years in the industry, the company has a deep understanding of this space. This ensures that the company is able to deliver practical solutions that lead to sustainable business growth.

As a result, the company is able to deliver custom products and solutions that fit their users’ behavior and needs. ScienceSoft Software Development Company can also help you transform your business using the latest tech capabilities.

The company offers various services. These include custom software development, cloud application development, software product development, team augmentation, software development outsourcing, software consulting, and legacy software modernization. Besides, their team of experts has great experience and background in a variety of industries.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, app development companies are scattered across the world, from the US, Europe and Asia. But, finding the right app development company can still be quite a challenge due to the high number of firms in the market today.