The First dWeb Directory Launches, Delivers Resources on Web 3.0 for a New Generation of Users

Just like the dWeb, the Jellyfish is Decentralized

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dWeb Guide Educating Internet Users on the Next Evolution of WWW; Web 3.

This week marks the anniversary of, the first and most comprehensive guide to the next evolution of the internet (Web 3) including the decentralized web (dWeb).

The dWeb Guide’s mission is to offer resources on the applications of blockchain, and a comprehensive directory with links to live sites already utilising web 3.0 and its open-source technology.

Founder James Denn says, “over the next 5 years the internet as we know it is going to shift rapidly and dWeb Guide will be right there alongside people, helping them learn, make the adjustment and drive the necessary changes to ensure the web remains open and free for all.”

Along with the directory, the website also includes educational resources and ‘Insights’ – deep dive articles on issues surrounding crypto, DeFi and all aspects of the next evolution of the internet.

“At dWeb Guide, we see the education of the next generation of internet users to be integral to not only the success of the new internet but in the democratic sharing of information as a whole”, says COO Pepita Maiden. “We aren’t custodians of knowledge in this space, but we do aim to be the leading resource.”

This commitment to education sees dWeb Guide launch into the TikTok space this month with @dwebguide sharing snackable and shareable guides in short-form video content. “Short-form video is the fastest way to engage our readers, providing an entry to the expansive body of information on decentralization”, says Ms. Maiden.

The dWeb Guide is accessible at and on TikTok at @dwebguide.

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