Nokia: Malaysia laying right foundation for nation’s long-term digital transformation

Pevita Lena

According to Finnish telecommunication company Nokia, Malaysia is laying the right foundation for the nation’s long-term digital transformation and the National Digital Network (Jendela) initiative will be a critical component in narrowing the digital divide across the nation.

The Jendela plan was formulated to provide wider coverage and better quality of broadband experience for the people of Malaysia, whilst preparing the country for 5G technology.

In a statement, Nokia head of South East Asia Daniel Jaeger said that by prioritizing having the necessary infrastructure in place, Malaysia will be able to create a level playing field for all its people. “With the establishment of a more sustainable nationwide digital platform, the upgrading and rolling out advanced services, especially 5G, to the larger population will proceed quickly and efficiently,” he said.

According to Daniel Jaeger, as of April 30, 2021, Nokia has over 220 commercial 5G agreements and is powering 63 live 5G operator networks around the world. Nokia is excited at the opportunity to work with Malaysians to help drive the country’s 5G ambitions as the firm believes it can unearth the nation’s innate potential within the digital economy.

The Finnish telecommunication company’s worldwide engagements include 20 named customers across the Asia-Pacific and Daniel Jaeger said that Nokia has been playing a key role in bringing the Asia-Pacific to the 5G future. “Throughout 2020, we navigated the challenges of Covid-19 to reinforce our 5G and fiber broadband presence in the region, especially in Southeast Asia, with new 5G wins in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Thailand,” he said.

“Nokia — as an organization creating the technology that helps the world act together — stands ready to assist Malaysia in its digital transformation through 5G and beyond,” he said.

Source: The Edge Markets

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