Flippa Launches Intelligence, Insights and Benchmarking Tool to Power Small Business M&A as the Industry Explodes in Popularity

Flippa Market Insights provides historical sales information and other pertinent business performance data to help buyers of online businesses make better-informed decisions about acquisition deals

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Flippa, the #1 global online marketplace to buy and sell online businesses and digital assets, is launching a powerful new business intelligence tool to help buyers make better-informed decisions about whether to buy an online business: Flippa Market Insights. By drawing upon a decade’s worth of data, Flippa can help buyers get better visibility into the business performance, how it compares to the peer set and comparable values of the businesses listed for sale.

Flippa Market Insights will ultimately help buyers and sellers on the Flippa marketplace to achieve better clarity in business valuations and confidently close deals for high-quality online businesses.

“Flippa has democratized the exit for online entrepreneurs, and Flippa Market Insights is democratizing access to business intelligence for buyers to use when making decisions about online small business acquisitions,” said Blake Hutchison, CEO of Flippa. “It’s like Bloomberg for Small Business, providing up-to-date market intelligence and detailed information to help online business buyers and sellers make the best-informed decisions possible about when to execute a transaction deal.”

The new Flippa Market Insights module is built on two unique key capabilities:

  • Comparative pricing information: When business buyers are looking at available listings, Flippa Market Insights will help them quickly compare prices of businesses to other businesses and assets that are available for sale, or that have recently sold. Buyers and sellers can quickly navigate the platform to get up-to-date market intelligence about the latest pricing trends, determine whether a business is priced competitively, and make better-informed decisions about how to price a business for sale or whether to make an offer at or below asking price.
  • Peer benchmarks: The Flippa Data Team identified the most important performance metrics for each category of online business or digital asset, and aggregated data from third party integrations like Google Analytics, Shopify and Stripe. Based on this data, Flippa Market Insights now offers peer benchmarks to show average performance data for each type of online business or asset. Buyers and sellers can see how each online business, ecommerce website, blog, or digital asset performs against the competition on key business metrics such as average order value, customer lifetime value, authority score, or volume of organic traffic. 

Just as investors in publicly traded companies or traditional M&A advisors rely upon analysts’ research and business intelligence to evaluate investment decisions, Flippa Market Insights intends to make these types of resources and capabilities more accessible to investors in small online businesses, ecommerce sites, and other privately held digital assets.

Using a unique data set of historical sales information, performance metrics and AI, Flippa intends to take a leading role in producing insights and information that small business owners and investors need to make better, more informed decisions about deals.

“Flippa has always led the market in providing insights into trends in apps, eCommerce and Sites,” said Tony Xu, Head of Product, Flippa. “Market Insights brings over a decade of proprietary data together to bring an unparalleled level of transparency and information on each individual listing on Flippa.”

The new Flippa Market Insights is available now to Flippa marketplace users. For more details, visit https://flippa.com/product/market-insights.

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Flippa democratizes the exit and empowers business ownership as the #1 global platform to buy and sell online businesses and digital assets, such as websites, eCommerce stores, apps, social media accounts, newsletters and online businesses. Flippa has more buyers than any other platform, with 600,000 monthly searches from investors seeking to acquire businesses. To learn more visit Flippa.com

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