Ericsson and Google Cloud team up to develop 5G at the edge

Image by Rawf8 | Getty Images

Ericsson and Google Cloud have partnered up to bolster each other’s 5G cloud and edge solutions.

The two companies say they will jointly develop new technologies at Ericsson’s Silicon Valley D-15 Labs, a dedicated Californa innovation facility for Ericsson partners and ecosystem companies. In addition to Google, other telco giants including Nvidia, Qualcomm, Hitachi and more have worked with Ericsson at D-15 on projects including extended reality and industrial IoT.

Ericsson and Google Cloud are also piloting their edge solutions with TIM, an Italian telecommunications company. This program aims to eventually automate processes on TIM’s 5G core and cloud-based applications to improve management efficiency and network performance.

A June 29 press release said that the joint edge offerings will benefit a breadth of industries including transportation, manufacturing, automotive by bringing connectivity closer to the client’s physical locations.

This isn’t Ericsson’s first partnership with Google. The two already have a service partnership to work on application migration using cloud-native solutions. Additionally, Google Athos, a managed application platform, is already using Ericsson’s 5G technologies.

Google announced its global mobile edge cloud (GMEC) strategy on March 5, 2020, which specifically emphasized the company’s focus to collaborate on 5G solutions with telecommunication companies. Key Google Cloud partners include Telus, Wind, Orange and other telcos across North America and Europe.