ATL Communications Appoints Mark Bilton-Smith as Chief Executive Officer

Mark Bilton-Smith Appointed CEO of ATL Communications

“Being an authentic leader starts with self-sacrifice and putting others above yourself; a great leader’s enthusiasm must be infectious and have the endurance to persevere through the many adversities they will face.” – Mark Bilton-Smith, CEO, ATL Communications.

ATL Communications, a thought leader in carrier-neutral telecommunication software as a service (Saas) solutions, today announced it has appointed Mark Bilton-Smith, president of ATL Communications, to the chief executive officer of the company. The appointment strengthens ATL Communications’ leadership and strategy for giving telecommunication service providers and enterprise businesses one simplified solution for local number porting and toll-free number management.

Bilton-Smith joined ATL Communications in 2016 and has overseen the launch and growth of the company’s two major services during his tenure. He spearheaded the launch of ATL Communications’ local number porting platform, PortControl, a solution that allows telecommunication service providers to fulfill the regulatory mandated process of local number wireline porting with a platform providing one platform, one login, one set of APIs, one invoice, and one support call for every facet of local number porting.

Bilton-Smith also led the development and growth of the company’s ATLAS Toll-Free Number Management platform, which enables both telecommunication service providers and non-telecommunication companies to manage, control, and protect their toll-free numbers to minimize any outage or disruption in service, search and provision toll-free numbers, and experience the inherited benefits of becoming their own RespOrg with their own unique RespOrg ID.

“Along with the title of CEO comes great responsibilities and expectations of a business leader to be engaged at the highest level of extreme ownership. With that being said, I am privileged to witness the gratification of leaders born at every level of their business career. As a CEO, I do believe my passion for creating more leaders at all levels will further promote my unlimited potential and the grateful mindset I am inspired by. Not truly understanding it at that time, as a proud father of 5, I stepped into a leadership role at the age of 22 with the commitment of ‘I do.’ Even more so each time I chose to bring a child into this world. As a grateful mentor and coach to many, the first thing I always say to those inspired to be a leader is: be very careful what you ask for. Being an authentic leader starts with self-sacrifice and putting others above yourself; a great leader’s enthusiasm must be infectious and have the endurance to persevere through the many adversities they will face. I’m honored to engage with our extraordinary leadership, their staff members, vendors, partners, prospects, and customers in this capacity. My excitement about ATL’s current direction and future opportunities to simplify the telecommunications industry is an additional incentive that feeds my passion for leading,” said Mark Bilton-Smith, CEO, ATL Communications. “With 5 years under my belt, and in the 25+ years that our company has been in business, our mission to serve as a carrier-neutral solution provider for everyone stands out in our purpose-built, highly competitive industry. In my new chapter as CEO, my vision is to bring telephone number identity and control to every business.”

“Mark is one of the hardest working leaders I know. I’m honored and privileged to have the opportunity to work by his side as we seek to simplify number management for the industry. It’s no small task, but as the CEO of ATL Communications, Mark has the vision, team, and drive to change our industry. ATL’s solutions significantly streamline the cost and complexity of number management processes. We enable both telecommunication service providers and non-telecommunication companies to make local number porting and toll-free number management simple, fast, reliable, secure, and always available. ATL Communications is privileged to have Mark Bilton-Smith lead us into this new era,” said Hayes Nelson, chief revenue officer, ATL Communications.

Bilton-Smith brings over 34 years of telecommunication industry experience to his position as CEO. Starting with business telephone system installations and growing into leading installation teams, Mark has held operations management, sales management, and other leading roles. He began his career with service to his country in the U.S. Navy. He credits this military foundation and his parent’s dedication to his upbringing as a child for his rapid advancement into the following senior roles. Co-founder and vice president of sales for American Telecom, Sales Manager at Matrix Networks, founder and president of TeleSmart Networks and AbsoluteIP, and president of Rio Networks, before he joined ATL Communications as general manager and where he was later promoted to president.

Bilton-Smith has been a longtime contributor to the telecommunication industry and currently serves on the advisory board of Somos, the company appointed by the Federal Communications Commission to be the current administrator of the North American Numbering Plan. He also serves as a member of the Number Portability Industry Forum, an organization that brings together number portability industry experts to oversee decisions and recommendations related to number portability processes.

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