Alexander Valley Winegrowers Announces the Translation of Their Website into Spanish and Other Valuable Resources to Promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


Alexander Valley WinegrowersHEALDSBURG, Calif. (May 19, 2021) – The Alexander Valley Winegrowers are pleased to announce the translation of our website into Spanish for the benefit of the Latina/Latino community. We are one of the first Winegrowers Association to offer our website in English and Spanish.  

The Hispanic community has ties to the earliest years of grape growing in the Alexander Valley and throughout California. According to the latest Census Bureau data, the Hispanic population accounted for 27.2% of Sonoma County’s inhabitants in 2018. The California Department of Finance predicts the Hispanic population will become the ethnic majority in the country (51%) by 2050. This community has shaped the landscape of almost every wine bottle produced in California and here in the Alexander Valley. Included within the website is a resource page that contains an Essential Resource List where vineyard and winery employees can find topical and timely links that would benefit them and their families. Additionally, the AVWG website also offers our membership resources to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion links to assist their company efforts. 

In addition, Wine Business Monthly in 2017 identified that 31% of Hispanic consumers are wine drinkers, and this percentage has been steadily increasing each year. Many of these households have a high rate of family members identifying Spanish as their first language. We are also creating a more user-friendly Visitors Directory for our website to allow greater access to the wineries in the Alexander Valley for all consumers.

Our modest efforts in providing Spanish translation of our website permits access to important industry information for our Spanish-speaking vineyard and winery employees and expanded marketing and communications to an essential and underserved group of our customers.

About Alexander Valley Winegrowers

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