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How to quickly find Kratom near me

If you’ve heard the word ‘Kratom’ recently, it’s probably been related to the controversy surrounding the possible health effects, but what is it and how can you get it if you’re trying to buy some.

Before it was sold in the US, Kratom was used for thousands of years throughout Southeast Asia as a remedy for everything from pain to anxiety. In larger doses, it acts as a depressant. In smaller doses, it has been said to boost energy. Most recently Kratom has been touted for it’s potential to help people overcome opioid addiction because of the similar effects that it has on the body, minus the harmful repercussions.

So where can I find Kratom?

You can find Kratom in several places. For convenience, I have listed them from most recommended to least recommended. Keep in mind, while Kratom is not Federally illegal, there are some states that have taken it upon themselves to make it illegal to purchase or consume. If you live in one of those states, not all of these options will work for you.


Online is by far the best option for purchasing Kratom. With the rise in its popularity, Kratom has become a big business for online retailers and you can buy it in many quantities as well as the largest strain selection.

Online also grants a certain amount of anonymity. If you are someone who has anxiety about purchasing intoxicating substances or you don’t want to be around others this is a perfect option for you. If you go to Google and do a quick search for ‘buy Kratom’ you will find a variety of websites.


Kratommaps.com, while still technically online, will allow you to use your smartphone to find local shops that sell Kratom. All you have to do is enter your zip code and you will be presented with a radius of stores that sell Kratom.

If you aren’t finding anything don’t worry. You can expand the radius pretty far. Keep in mind that there are some areas that just aren’t going to carry it. Either because it’s not legal in your state or popular in your area.


While Marijuana isn’t legal in every state yet, the growing outcry to legalize Marijuana has convinced more states to legalize it. In states where it is legal, you can visit a local dispensary which may carry it.

It may be a task to find one that carries it at first, but once you do you will have a reputable source that is more knowledgeable than other avenues. You will also most likely have access to more strains which is also a plus.

Smoke shops

I don’t recommend smoke shops as a first option but you may get lucky. Smoke shops are all about profit. This means that they often carry popular items besides smoking paraphernalia. Sometimes smoke shops carry Kratom.

Make sure that you look at it before you buy it. If it has an unfamiliar sounding name I don’t recommend it. If you get a suspicious feeling or you feel like you are being forced into buying it I’d search elsewhere.

Overall there are many places that you can go to buy Kratom. Just make sure that you do it safely.

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